André Devlaeminck



“radan” andré devlaeminck, 2006 Glencoe, Scotland (Photography: Kim Engels)


a Belgian (Flanders) professional photographer turned
to fine art photographer – pictorialist inviting the  discriminating connoisseurs and art collectors
of  pure photographic fine art & craft.

“Radan” is an artist
still working with medium and large format black & white negatives.
You will discover a painting like world where memories are made.
“Radan” is a romantic image poet with the wings of a fine art photographer exploring antique alternative mediums
of photography and printmaking such as


as vehicles for contemplative visual expression.
A matter of tradition, excellence and emotion.
He creates dramatic arcadian fairy landscapes, mostly of Scotland;  hypnotic bodyshapes and dreamy portraits.
An esoteric master making the eclectic difference
by the interplay of light and atmosphere, shaping and composition, technique and emotion.

Radan’s Gallery: “Contemporary Pictorialism” (Imagerie)
are contemporary renderings, clouds of fantasy as well,
as bites of cultural, legendary and historical information.
The Gallery: “Nostalgia” is Fine Art Vintage Portrait
with Hollywood studio lighting.

Radan is worldwide developing his retro sepia dreamy soft focus
“Nostalgia” portraits into a revival of the nostalgic vintage trendy lifestyle and is working out this commissioned gallery
as a marketing sign board.

He uses the nickname “Radan” as the anagram of Parisian photographer
“Nadar” alias Gaspard Felix Tournachon (1820-1910),
who introduced portrait photography as a fine art to honor him.


Radan is a member of Picto Benelux (www.picto.info)

Portrait of “Radan”  is made by Kim Engels (www.kimengels.be).


All original museum quality printed pictures are
“ one of a kind ”, signed , coded and worldwide copyright protected .
They are mostly large format printed (excepted bromoils) , archival acid free matted and tailor made framed. Illustration merchandising is possible with autorisation only.


This website

On this website, you will find different examples of the work of “RADAN” André Devlaeminck. You can explore this trough the articles and images that have been produced over the last years, have a look at the techniques used, or browse one of the themed collections.

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