Light of Scotland


Gum Gravestones Kilnaughton

Gravestones Kilnaughton (Gum)


“ Gravestones of Kilnaughton, Islay ”



Nr  0807030503


Photography   by   fine   art   photographer – pictorialist

“Radan”   André    Devlaeminck

printed   in   collaboration   with

Kim   Engels,   fine  art  photographer – pictorialist   too.


The  aquarel  paper  is  coated  with   gum  arabic  containing

Islay  peat

sensitized  in  potassium  bichromate ,  contact-printed  with  a  negative ,

 exposed  by  UV- light ,  washed  and  brushed  in  water.


One  of  a  kind.

Aquarel  paper  size :    80  x  80 cm

    acid–free  matted :    96  x  96 cm

              full size frame:   104  x  104 cm

date  :    2008  july  3rd

location:  gravestones  and  chapel  at  Kilnaughton  bay,  Islay

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